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Consulting in Asset Management

Scope of our Work

The financial industry is constantly evolving, whether it be through

New regulatory requirements

Opportunities in digital transformation

Outsourcing von Teilen der Wertschöpfungskette

New market participants and competitors

Furthermore, new emphasis is constantly being placed on the industry, such as through fintechs or cross-industry ESG issues. This change presents market participants with the challenge of remaining competitive, but also offers opportunities for a pioneering role in the development and implementation of state-of-the-art solutions.

Our Approach

Plutoneo Consulting is a management consultancy firm with a focus on asset management and financial services. Our clients are at the center of our attention, and we support them along the entire value chain with our experienced consultants. We not only keep an eye on current "best practices," but also develop concepts to prepare for tomorrow's challenges. We approach each client and each theme individually to offer innovative and sustainable solutions. Our clients benefit directly from our in-depth market and industry expertise, which is not limited to custodians, depositories, investment management companies, fund accountants, or banks.

The consultants at Plutoneo Consulting have gained many years of professional experience in the asset management or financial services industries. Our consultants are always kept up-to-date with current asset management industry developments through our active memberships (e.g., BVI, BAI, Wirtschaftsrat, etc.). In addition, we continuously invest in the expertise of our employees through training and further education.

Our Services

Our experts have proven competencies in project and process management as well as classical business analysis. This enables us to provide comprehensive project support on multiple levels and we are happy to accompany you from the project idea to successful implementation. Our experienced managers, with their excellent knowledge in Financial Services in general and Asset Management in particular, are also able to temporarily fill (management) positions in your company to ensure smooth operation of your processes.

Target Operating Model - Process Digitalization & Data

We understand that with new technological possibilities created by advancing digitalization, requirements and business models are changing. We are happy to advise you from the initial assessment to the implementation of your Target Operating Model. To this end, Plutoneo Consulting has developed its own methodology, which has already proven successful in numerous projects for various asset management clients. Of course, in addition to successful implementation, we also consider costs and timeframes.


Process Assessment

Pain Point Analysis (As-Is)

Need for Action / Solutions

Identification of Stakeholders

Feasibilty and Cost Assessment

Recommendations to decide

Operating Model Definition

Considering Provider, Processes, Systems, People

Prepare Decision

(Legacy Integration)

(RfP / RfI / PoC; Oversight Model; Retained Orga)

Benefits we bring to our clients

Turn Legacy
into Future

Lift Transparency / Implement Standardization

Project Results

Cost Cutting &
FTE Reduction


For us, professional project and program management is a matter of course,
regardless of the content and subject matter.

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