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    Multi Asset Investment Management

    Multi Asset Investment Management

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    The digital ecosystem of investment management.

    Das digitale Ökosystem des Investment-Managements.

    Welcome to Plutoneo.

    Willkommen bei Plutoneo.

    Our vision is to provide the most efficient and all-embracing multi-asset investment management platform in the European market.

    Unsere Vision ist es, die effizienteste und umfassendste Multi-Asset-Investment-Management-Plattform auf dem europäischen Markt anzubieten.

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    Plutoneo makes investing in assets easier than ever

    Durch Plutoneo sind Asset-Investments einfacher denn je

    High availability
    Trading is possible 24/7 at 365 days of the year

    Hohe Verfügbarkeit
    Handeln Sie 24/7 an 365 Tagen im Jahr

    Blockchain Technology
    Leveraging the advantage of trustless technology and smart innovations

    Blockchain Technologie
    Profitieren Sie durch sicheren und innovativen Einsatz neuester Technologie

    Low Costs
    Transaction costs are low due to digital first approach and seamless automation

    Niedrige Kosten
    Niedrige Transaktionskosten durch 100% Digitalisierung und Automation

    The Plutoneo Idea

    Illiquid assets are currently amongst the high-demand investment products. However, they bring various disadvantages with them, which the financial industry was not able to solve to date. While these assets are highly restricted in trading opportunities, they are also time consuming to issue and process. Additionally, they have high settlement times and cause high transaction costs for both, the investor and the issuer.

    Plutoneo is the digital answer to these problems. In particular, we apply the latest Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), as well as by automating and digitizing the majority of investment management processes. Therefore, we can eliminate all unnecessary intermediaries in the whole value chain. Since Plutoneo issues products to trading them as an investor in a holistic manner, we minimize interfaces and maximize efficiency.

    The ecosystem is aimed at those most burdened by the current inefficiencies: institutional investors. Therefore, it does not matter if you represent a pension fund, family office, corporate or anything similar. Still, you will profit from the Plutoneo ecosystem.

    With our solution we offer a scalable, highly efficient end-to-end ecosystem. Not only does it provide cost savings, but also tradability. Additionally, we support maximum liquidity as well as a high level of protection for our clients assets.

    Multi Asset Investment Management

    Multi Asset Investment Management

    Multi Asset Investment Management

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