Unternehmensberatung Wertpapiergeschäft

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In our pillar of strategy and management consulting, we combine our methodological expertise with considerable professional experience (especially for the mid- and back-office processes). We support our customers on program, project, and sub-project management level.


Business Operations

We handle the professional insourcing of operations activities and create the necessary leeway to allow our customers to focus on actively shaping their value creation efforts.

Implementierung der digitalen Transformation

Digital Asset Strategies

Get ready for the world of digital assets – intas.tech


Digital Transformation Assessment

Pain Point Analysis (As-Is)

Identification of digital Maturity

Solutions for Pain Points

Feasibilty and Cost Assessment

Recommendations to decide

Digital Operating Model

Provider, Processes, Systems, People

Decision Preparation

(Legacy Integration)

(RfP / RfI / PoC; Oversight Model; Retained Orga)

Digital Transformation Implementation





For us, professional project and program management is a matter of course,
regardless of the content and subject matter.

Business Operations

Unternehmensberatung Wertpapiergeschäft

ECJ Factory

The disparity in the treatment of investment assets has been a matter of concern to the industry for many years. There are frequently rulings on this issue (e.g., Fokus Bank, Denkavit, Santander, etc.) from national courts as well as the European Court of Justice on how to deal with this incorrectly withheld tax, which ties up valuable resources for our customers.

With our modular service model, we ensure that the refund applications are submitted to the local tax authorities in time to secure you and your clients' claims.

WHT Factory

Our client focused tool supports the necessary oversight process vis-á-vis custodians and fund accountants and (amongst other things) monitors the timely recovery of withholding tax reclaim applications and relief at source applications.

Unternehmensberatung Wertpapiergeschäft
Unternehmensberatung Wertpapiergeschäft

Fee Factory

In an outsourced world, the tasks of the retained organization are becoming increasingly complex. One essential controlling process, however, is often neglected: fee controlling.

We offer our customers a three-level, modular service for this. We implement a service tailored to our customers' needs ranging from a one-time sanity check of incoming invoices through regular audits to the full takeover of continuous invoice auditing and the associated reconciliation of differences. In doing so, we lighten our customers' workload significantly, guarantee 100% controlling and avoid billing errors, which are not infrequently in the six-digit EUR range annually.

For our customers, we offer a 3 stage verification model for incoming invoices.
Level 1: Recalculation of the providers invoices (from Custodian, Fund Accountants etc.)
Level 2: Integration of an additional validation source, e.g. own rate-card
Level 3: Complete and independent pre-calculation of invoicing amounts

Class Actions Factory

Preparation and collection of data and documents across countries and regions to support our clients in any class action activities.

Digital Asset Strategies

Get ready for the world of digital assets